1992 December 3  E-mail
1992 December 3: Lecture by Stephen Kurkjian, “Return and Revival: An American-Armenian Journalist’s Journey to the Land of His Ancestors.”
1992 November 21  E-mail
1992 November 21: 38th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Richard N. Frye on “The Importance of the Institute for Armenian Studies and Research.”
1992 November 17  E-mail
1992 November 17: Lecture by Dr. Ian Bremmer on “The Post-Soviet Nationalities Crisis and Armenia.”
1992 October 8  E-mail
1992 October 8: “Spotlight on Armenia: Daily Life, Conditions, and Attitudes of People and Officials in Armenia Today.”
1992 September 17  E-mail
1992 September 17: Lecture by Jack Hashian on “Telling the Armenian Story.” 
1992 July 16  E-mail
1992 July 16: Illustrated Lecture by Prof. Anahit Tsitsikian on “Armenian Musical Instruments and Their History as Revealed Through Archaeological Evidence.” 
1992 June 18  E-mail
1992 June 18: Report by Dr. Yuri Sarkisian on “Energy, Environment, and Economic Issues in Armenia and Artsakh.”
1992 June 4  E-mail
1992 June 4: Report on Archaeological Excavations in Armenia by Dr. Philip Kohl.
1992 May 29  E-mail
1992 May 29: Farewell Dinner and Reception in honor of Dr. Robert W. Thomson.
1992 May 21  E-mail
1992 May 21: Lecture by Michael Manoog Kaprielian on “Armenian Women: The Invisible Strength.”
1992 May 7  E-mail
1992 May 7: Lecture by Khachig Tololyan on “Whither the Armenian Diaspora?”
1992 April 2  E-mail
1992 April 2: Lecture by Dr. Edward V. Malcom on “M. Vartan Malcom: The Man Behind Woodrow Wilson.”
1992 March 19  E-mail
1992 March 19: Lecture by Dr. Robert W. Thomson on “The Relevance of Early Armenian Historians Today.”
1992 March 5  E-mail
1992 March 5: Reception and talk by Henry Morgenthau III.
1992 February 17  E-mail
1992 February 17: Lecture by Dr. Norair Arakelian and Dr. Raphael Matevossian, Vice-Rector and Rector of Yerevan State University, on “Education in Armenia: Today and in the Future.”
1999 December 2  E-mail
1999 December 2: Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Armenian Miniatures and Their Relation to Crusader Art.” 
1999 November 18  E-mail
1999 November 18: Launch of new edition of Neither To Laugh Nor To Weep and presentation by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman and Rev. Vartan Hartunian, “The Contemporary Message of Genocide: An Armenian-Jewish Outcry.”
1999 November 7  E-mail
1999 November 7: 45th Anniversary Banquet and Celebration, honoring Dr. Gregory H. Adamian, Dr. Richard N. Frye, Everett Berberian, and Armen Dohanian.
1999 November 6  E-mail
1999 November 6: 45th Annual Assembly and dedication of NAASR’s Edward and Helen Mardigian Armenian Reference and Research Library.  Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Jews and Armenians: The Inside Story.” 
1999 October 13  E-mail
1999 October 13: Illustrated Lecture by Matthew Karanian, “Visual Journey To Armenia.”
1999 September 23  E-mail
1999 September 23: Lecture by Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian on “Elements in Turko-Armenian Conflict and Its Culmination in Genocide.” 
1999 April 29  E-mail
1999 April 29: Lecture by Florence Soghoian on “Remembering the Armenian Genocide: Portrait of a Survivor” and video presentation by Roger K. Hagopian, “The Journey of an Armenian Family: The Struggle of a Nation.”
1999 April 9-10  E-mail
1999 April 9-10: Conference on “The Armenians of New England: Celebrating a Culture and Preserving a Heritage,” co-sponsored by NAASR and numerous other Boston-area Armenian groups.
1999 March 18  E-mail
1999 March 18: Lecture by Dr. Bert Vaux on “The Formation of Standard Western Armenian.”
1999 January 21  E-mail
1999 January 21: Lecture by Dr. Carolann Najarian on “Missions for Survival in Armenia.”
1998 November 14  E-mail
1998 November 14: 44th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Ina Baghdiantz McCabe on “From Orientalism to Present-Day Armenian Studies.” 
1998 November 5  E-mail
1998 November 5: Lecture by Dr. H. Martin Deranian on “Worcester Is America: The Story of the Worcester Armenians, the Early Years.”
1998 July 21  E-mail
1998 July 21: Lecture by Hilmar Kaiser on “The Armenian Genocide and Its Denial: New Evidence of German Complicity.” 
1998 June 4  E-mail
1998 June 4: Lecture by Lucine Kasbarian, “Armenia: A Rugged Land, An Enduring People.”
1998 May 7  E-mail
1998 May 7: Forum on “Armenia in Transition: Socio-Economic Conditions and Business Opportunities,” co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.
1998 April 16  E-mail
1998 April 16: Lecture by Dr. Jack Porter, “Impaired Memories/Distorted Genocide: Denial and Revisionism of Genocides.”
1998 March 17  E-mail
1998 March 17: Lecture by Dr. Ronald G. Suny, “The Fall of a President: Political Crisis in Armenia?”
1998 March 6  E-mail
1998 March 6: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “The Heraldry of Armenian Princes and Kings.”
1998 February 26  E-mail
1998 February 26: Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Armenian Christian Beliefs and Practice,” co-sponsored by NAASR and St. James Armenian Church Cultural Committee. 
1998 February 5  E-mail
1998 February 5: Lecture by Nancy Kricorian, “From Survival to the New World and Boston.”
1998 January 27  E-mail
1998 January 27: Panel Discussion on “Education in Armenia Today,” with educators from Gyumri, Armenia.  Co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.
1997 December 4  E-mail
1997 December 4: Lecture by Dr. Susan Pattie on “Diasporas within the Diaspora,” co-sponsored by NAASR and the Zoryan Institute. 
1997 November 15  E-mail
1997 November 15: 43rd Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Hagop J. Nersoyan on “Armenian Studies: A Look Back and a Look Ahead.”
1997 November 6  E-mail
1997 November 6: Lecture by Kevork Ajemian, “Genocide Can Never Be Forgiven: Is there a Time for Terror?”
1997 October 16  E-mail
1997 October 16: Group Presentation, “On the Road to Ararat: Experiences, Observations, and Reflections,” by Barbara Merguerian, Shushan Teager, and Sergio LaPorta.
1997 June 5  E-mail
1997 June 5: Illustrated Lecture by Donald Flumerfelt, “Armenian Life and Society as Observed by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia.”
1997 May 22  E-mail
1997 May 22: Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Early Fame and Tragic Fate of Poet Eghishe Charents.”
1997 May 15  E-mail
1997 May 15: Lecture by Bat Ye’or on “Jihad to Dhimmi: Christians and Jews Under Islam—The Armenian Experience.”
1997 May 8  E-mail
1997 May 8: Lecture by Dr. Peter Balakian, “An American Son Discovers His Armenian Past.”
1997 April 17  E-mail
1997 April 17: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Armand Bedikian, “Building a Stronger Armenia Through Education.”
1997 April 3  E-mail
1997 April 3: Illustrated Lecture by Joseph Dagdigian, “A Journey Through Eastern Turkey to Armenian Villages and Towns.”
1997 March 20  E-mail
1997 March 20: Lecture by Mark Malkasian on “The National Democratic Movement in Armenia.”
1997 March 6  E-mail
1997 March 6: Lecture by Dr. Leon Janikian, “Remastering Our Musical Roots: Armenian Folkloric Music in the United States.” 
1997 February 20  E-mail
1997 February 20: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “The Image and Importance of Armenian Women in the Arts.”
1996 December 5  E-mail
1996 December 5: Lecture by Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian on “Germany’s Role in the Armenian Genocide.”
1996 November 16  E-mail
1996 November 16: 42nd Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Peter Balakian on “Mainstreaming the Armenian Discourse.”
1996 May 16  E-mail
1996 May 16: Illustrated lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Mongol Influences on Armenian Art.”
1996 May 2  E-mail
1996 May 2: Illustrated lecture by Nancy Kalajian, “Glimpses of Armenia.”
1996 April 18  E-mail
1996 April 18: Lecture by Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian on “The Armenian Genocide in Historical Perspective.”
1996 March 25  E-mail
1996 March 25: Lecture by Mark Arax, “In Search of My Roots and My Father’s Murderers.”
1995 November 18  E-mail
1995 November 18: 41st Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Moorad Mooradian on “Armenia, Karabagh, and Armenian Studies.” 
1995 November 7  E-mail
1995 November 7: Illustrated Lecture by Jacqueline Kazarian on “William Saroyan and His Legacy.”
1995 November 5  E-mail
1995 November 5: 40th Anniversary Celebration and Banquet, with a keynote address by Ben Bagdigian.
1995 November 3-4  E-mail
1995 November 3-4: International Conference: “Armenian Studies: Looking Towards the 21st Century”
1995 June 8  E-mail
1995 June 8: Talk by Dr. H. Martin Deranian, translator of Hussenig: The Origin, History, and Destruction of an Armenian Town.”
1995 May 25  E-mail
1995 May 25: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell, “Pilgrimage to Vaspurakan
1995 April 27  E-mail
1995 April 27: “Spotlight on Karabagh”: Lecture by Jon Auerbach.
1995 April 6  E-mail
1995 April 6: “Spotlight on Karabagh”: Lecture by Dr. Levon Chorbajian
1995 February 19  E-mail
1995 February 19: Lecture by Dr. Radick Martirossian on “The Situation of Higher Education in Armenia Today.”
1994 December 8  E-mail
1994 December 8: Talk by John Walsh on “Fate of the Animals in the Yerevan Zoo.”
1994 November 19  E-mail
1994 November 19: 40th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Armenian Studies at Harvard: Past, Present, and Future.”
1994 October 27  E-mail
1994 October 27: Illustrated Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Art Treasures Rescued from the Genocide.”
1994 October 1  E-mail
1994 October 1: All-Day Seminar by Moorad Mooradian on “Foreign Policy Formulation and Issues in Armenia.”
1994 June 17  E-mail
1994 June 17: Lecture by Dr. George Bournoutian on “Karabakh in Historical Perspective.”
1994 June 11  E-mail
1994 June 11: All-Day Seminar on “The Armenian Genocide: Denial and Documentation,” with Dr. Roger W. Smith and Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian.
1994 May 31  E-mail
1994 May 31: Lecture by Dr. Boghos Levon Zekiyan on “Modernity and the Armenians.”
1994 May 26  E-mail
1994 May 26: Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Patrons of Armenian Art: Kings, Bishops, and Merchants.”
1994 May 13  E-mail
1994 May 13: Lecture by Dr. Levon Avdoyan on “The History of Taron,” co-sponsored by NAASR and ALMA.
1994 May 5  E-mail
1994 May 5: Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Armenia Between East and West.”
1994 April 21  E-mail
1994 April 21: Illustrated lecture by Anoush Ter Taulian on “Life in Karabagh Today.”
1994 April 7  E-mail
1994 April 7: Lecture by Edward Alexander on “The Image of the Armenians.” 
1994 March 24  E-mail
1994 March 24: Report by Edward Marootian, Jr., on “Socio-Economic Conditions in Armenia.”
1994 March 17  E-mail
1994 March 17: Lecture by Dr. Nelly Baratyan, “Overcoming Barriers to Understanding: Compiling an Armenian-English Dictionary.”
1993 December 9  E-mail
1993 December 9: Lecture by Philip Ketchian on “Environmental Concerns in Armenia Today: The Environment, Energy, and Earthquakes.”
1993 November 21  E-mail
1993 November 21: Welcoming Banquet for new Mashtots Chairholder Dr. James R. Russell.
1993 November 20  E-mail
1993 November 20: 39th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. Avedis K. Sanjian on “Armenian Studies and Its Future Direction: A 35-Year Perspective.”
1993 October 14  E-mail
1993 October 14: Talk by Stina Katchadourian, author of Efronia: An Armenian Love Story.
1993 September 17  E-mail
1993 September 17: Lecture by Moorad Mooradian on “The Artsakh-Azerbaijan Situation.”
1993 September 9  E-mail
1993 September 9: Lecture by Dr. Ara Dostourian on “Armenia and the Crusades.”
1993 June 3  E-mail
1993 June 3: Spotlight on Armenia: “Secondary Education in Armenia—Developments, Innovations, Prospects for the Future,” with Dr. Robert Gabrielyan and Yury A. Gylavian.
1993 April 5  E-mail
1993 April 5: Panel Discussion on “Developments in Human Studies and Psychiatry in Armenia as a Consequence of the Earthquake of 1988,” with Dr. Koriun Azizian, Dr. Karina Tsaturian, and Dr. Elsa Ronningstam.
1993 March 4  E-mail
1993 March 4: Lecture by Dr. Levon Abrahamian on “Armenian Identity: Preserving the Past and Creating the Future.”
1993 February 26  E-mail
1993 February 26: Video presentation by Armen Aroyan, “Pilgrimage to Historic Armenia: In Search of Our Ancestral Roots.”
1991 November 23  E-mail
1991 November 23: 37th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. John Huehnergard on “The Future and Status of Armenian Studies at Harvard.” 
1991 November 21  E-mail
1991 November 21: Report on Karabagh Conflict with Dr. Richard Wilson and Alexei Semyonov.
1991 October 20  E-mail
1991 October 20: Lecture by Armenian Minister of Culture Berj Zeytountsian on “Current Cultural Developments in Armenia.”
1991 June 27  E-mail
1991 June 27: Lecture by Dr. Hambartsum Galstian, Mayor of Yerevan, on “Democratic Armenia and the Future of Democracy in the USSR,” co-sponsored by NAASR, CYSCA, St. James Armenian Church, Tekeyan Cultural Association, and the Zoryan Institute.
1991 June 10  E-mail
1991 June 10: Lecture by Tamar Hajian and Karmit Zysman on “The Current Situation in Armenia, Karabagh, and Azerbaijan.” 
1991 June 6  E-mail
1991 June 6: “An Update on Current Archaeological Discoveries in Armenia,” with Dr. Philip L. Kohl. 
1991 May 30  E-mail
1991 May 30: Author reception for Claire Mangassarian, author of Farewell Kharpert. 
1991 May 21  E-mail
1991 May 21: Author reception for Alice Haig, translator and editor of Judgment Unto Truth: Witnessing the Armenian Genocide, co-sponsored by NAASR, the Zoryan Institute, and the Armenian Library and Museum of America.
1991 May 16  E-mail
1991 May 16: Lecture by Dr. DeVallon Bolles on “The Future of Armenia: Turkey as a Strategic Power After the Gulf War.”
1991 April 16  E-mail
1991 April 16: Forum highlighting “Women Survivors of the Armenian Genocide,” with Dirouhi Highgas, Alice Odian Kasparian, and Naomi Topalian.
1991 April 4  E-mail
1991 April 4: Lecture by Dr. Gerard J. Libaridian on “The Present Government of Armenia and Its Operations.”
1991 March 21  E-mail
1991 March 21: Lecture by Dr. Melor Sturua on “The Political Situation in the Soviet Union and Armenia at Present.”
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